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An Intro Post

Okay, starting small here but we really should have an opening post right?  I'm glad others are interested in talking about PCOS from a weight neutral perspective.  PCOS and weight have some relationship to one another.  Who knows, though, exactly what the relationship is, whether one causes another or whether they have a common cause (like diabetes and weight which are related genetically).  In the end, to me, it doesn't really matter what the relationship is, because we live in such a fat-phobic world, it is inappropriate to focus our energies on weight matters because there is already too much false health-and-weight rhetoric floating around.

I've been frustrated by a diagnosis of PCOS because I feel like it is my doctor's way around me saying "no, I am not interested in weight loss."  Personally, I prefer to take a more nuanced approach to body weight, thinking of it as something that has risks and benefits at all levels.  Small people have certain risks, medium size people have certain risks, and large people have certain risks.  So even if my high body weight is contributing to PCOS (which I'm not convinced it is), it is also decreasing my risk of other things.  Besides, with no known way of reducing my weight permanently, and many known health risks of intentional weight loss, I just don't see any justification for continued harping about weight loss.  I've recently stopped consenting to being weighed at the doctor's office, and that has so far put the weight conversations on pause.
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