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Sorry - Just Ranting Again

Had a 5 minute appointment with my endocrinologist today. Since May, when he started treating me, I've lost 11 lbs. He's very excited about this. I'd love to not have to spend more money on clothes, frankly, so I don't care. My labs came back, and the glucose hasn't lowered especially much since the last time he saw me (a couple months ago, I think) but it's still slightly better than it was in May. My triglycerides are ridonkulous, but we think that might have been due to the bloods not being "fasting" level. He's keeping an eye on it. So far I like him...

But then he starts talking about his hot-shit new injectible drug that I could take instead of the metformin that would lower my glucose levels and make me lose weight, which he tells me will help with my PCOS symptoms. I'm not sure he's listening to me - I've had the symptoms at all weights, even before I wound up with the thyroid condition (which he's treating) that kicked me up over 200 lbs. Not to mention that I had to correct him that my "acne" is actually rosacea. He's all excited about getting me on this drug, since it's like "a gastric bypass in a box!"; that it shrinks the stomach, and if I eat "too much", I'll get nauseous. He smiles when he says it, like "the puking means it's working!" He then lists another drawback - the expense. It can cost over $200 a month for this stuff, although insurance will cover it if he changes my dx from pre-diabetic to Type II diabetic, which he would of course, be happy to do.

Excuse me? Do you think I'm fat because I eat too much? Might it not be the long-undiagnosed thyroid problem and Eastern European/Samoan heritage? Hell, I'm only 224 fucking pounds, my glucose is hovering around 6% (anything between 5.8 and 7 is considered pre-) and I'm not willing to be a guinea pig. Furthermore, I am not interested in a spurious diagnosis that could make it impossible for me to obtain, let alone pay for, insurance should I ever leave this position with its dream insurance (no co-pay, no deductible, nothing out of my paycheck). 

I am supposed to see him again at the end of the year, after I've "thought over" the other drug. I'm going to have to figure out what to say to him that doesn't imply that I feel that he's in the pocket of Pfizer or whoever makes this new, miracle bulimia drug. Or some way to bring up my medical history, which I'm sure is in my chart, that takes "weight" out of the PCOS crap without sounding defensive. Any ideas? Comiseration?
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